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These Terms and Conditions will apply as soon as you confirm acceptance of them on our web site.


Order Form


The contact details you provided in the order form you confirm that these are correct.


By completing the order form you confirm that you want the report, we will then request payment by asking you for your credit or debit card details.


You agreed to our privacy policy.


Privacy Policy


We will not disclose any of your data to third parties.




After receipt of your order form it may be necessary for us to contact you to discuss the information which you have provided.


After any possible initial discussion we will determine if we are able to provide you with our service, which may be useful to you by way of guidance.


If we are not able to provide you with our service we will inform you and return your money in full.


If we are able to provide you with our services, your report will be delivered by e-mail within four working days.


The report


Our objective is to provide you with information you will require in order to determine the feasibility of a wind turbine project.  Our reports will enable you to approach suppliers with confidence in what you require.  You must not use our reports as the only basis for making any purchase. We recommend that you should always get a detailed survey and quotation from a specialist who visits your property before committing to any purchase.


The report contains information provided by you, manufacturers, installers, and derived from the Metrological Office.  Therefore, we are unable to guarantee the accuracy of the information supplied by those sources.


The information which we provide is for preliminary assessment of the feasibility of a wind project to your situation.  We do not provide any assurance that any particular savings will be realisable, since factors out of our control or knowledge may influence possible savings.  


If you require additional specialist advice then you must employ your own third-party consultant.


When you place an order for a report you confirm that you are satisfied with the basis on which the report will be provided.


The charges for our reports will be shown on our web site.


Your Use of the Report


When using our service you are acting as a consumer only.


You may not resell the whole or any part of the report which we provide to you.


We retain ownership of all copyrights.


We cannot provide any guarantees in relation to suppliers or their work.


You make your own decision as to which supplier you use.


We will not be a party to any contract between you and any supplier.


Any issues about a supplier’s performance must be resolved with the supplier.



Delivery Timescales


When we receive your order, under normal circumstances, we will e-mail you within 48 hours to confirm that we have received your order.


We aim to complete and send you your report by e-mail within 96 hours of receiving your order.


AC Energy shall endeavour so far as is reasonable to provide a service within the agreed framework.


Suspension of Services


Services may wholly or partly be suspended in the event of a stoppage or interruption of work as a result of a Power failure, Internet outage, Breakdowns, War (whether declared or not) hostilities, Government regulations or acts, Accidents, or any cause whatsoever beyond the control of AC Energy.  And such suspensions shall not invalidate any Agreement between the parties or give rise to any claim for damages whatsoever.



Cancellation Policy


Upon cancellation within 24 hours the whole cost(s) will be due.


Upon cancellation beyond 24 hours and within 48 hours a cancellation charge of 50% shall be applied.


To cancel e-mail: cancellation@acenergy.co.uk


AC Energy reserves the right to cancel any order without warning.


Refund Policy


If you are dissatisfied with the content of the report please state the reason for your dissatisfaction  and we will make the necessary amendments to your report (see the Report Section). If you are still dissatisfied we will refund your fee in full and use the feedback you provide to improve our service.


To claim a refund, please write to: 


A C Energy

25 Millfield Gardens,




Please quote your customer number and the reason(s) for your dissatisfaction.


Our liability is limited to the amount of our fee for Internet services.


Limitation of Liability


Nothing in these Terms and Conditions affect your statutory rights.


We shall not be liable to you for indirect, direct or any losses arising from a claim by a third party.


Our liability for all claims relating to these Terms and Conditions shall be limited to the sum of the charges paid by you to us.


Entire Agreement


These Terms and Conditions and the content on our web site contain the entire agreement between you and us. 

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