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Have you ever thought about the possibility of generating part or all of the electricity needs for your home, business or community?  Small-scale wind turbines are an ideal way of reducing or eliminating your electricity bills.


Primary questions that anyone considering a wind project must answer are:

· How strong are the winds at my site?

· How much energy will my prospective wind turbine    produce in these winds?


The service that we  provide is to take the steps necessary to estimate wind resources at a potential developer’s domestic or business site. We then move on to predict the energy yield of different wind turbines as a consequence of these winds. These refinements are produced by examining data from local short-term measurement sites and regional long-term records; analysis of site terrain is also taken into account. We then issue a report to the customer on the feasibility of a wind project.


We use the estimates at the beginning of the process to conduct a preliminary assessment of the feasibility of a wind project. After detailed analysis of additional wind speed data and consideration of the local terrain we then refine these estimates to support calculations of the cost and income potential from a wind project in order for the customer to decide whether further consideration of wind energy is warranted.


Should the customer decide that the rate of return is too low, the appendices that accompany the report detail proven techniques on how to substantially improve the rate of return.


Our objective is to provide a concise body of wind resource data, wind turbine energy yields and information that will support the needs of potential wind project developers. This information   clearly and effectively communicates what we know about wind resources at a particular site. Furthermore, we provide suggestions for how would-be project developers can use the data presented to perform a variety of critical assessments of their wind energy investment opportunities and increase their understanding of the specific wind resources available at their sites of interest. We present the material in a logical manner designed to allow the customer to quickly make the determination of whether wind projects are worth further consideration.


Since the customer must evaluate the long-term energy production and economic performance of the project to be assured that it generates an acceptable rate of return; we provide the customer with methods on how to evaluate economics in order to see the impact of variations in annual wind speed. We provide project performance on poor wind years, project performance on average wind years and project performance on good wind years.  The data we provide our customers with therefore enables them to quickly determine the feasibility of a project based on the lowest wind speeds at a site as well as the average and above average wind speeds. This allows the customer to analyse the economics of an income stream relative to poor wind years to see the down side of a project and good wind years to see the upside of a project.


The reports we prepare gives you a full analysis of potential paybacks at a given site on the energy predictions from  an appropriate wind turbine.


For your information a number of appendices are included, which may increase your understanding of relevant issues. The appendices includes the internal rate of return/real rate of return of a wind turbine, the cost of producing electricity per kWh and  the energy production of four additional wind turbines, each with a different rated power.  This means that should the customer decide that a particular turbine does not generate an acceptable rate of return it may be that they decide another will do so. What is   also important is that these appendices explain how to significantly increase the energy output of any wind turbine. The appendices will enable the customer to gain maximum benefit from how to increase energy output to obtaining top prices on excess electricity which can be sold to suppliers. They also indicate where to obtain grants for any domestic wind turbine.


Some domestic wind turbines can seem expensive, starting at about £1000. However, because our databases hold details on all of the DTI registered domestic wind turbines and their prices, we know which turbines are expensive relative to their power output and which ones are cheap relative to their power output. For example, there are wind turbines that are much more expensive than other turbines. Even though some cheaper wind turbines generate far more electricity than some more expensive turbines and have the same life time expectancy. We supply our customers with information on which wind turbines will give them the best rate of return. Consequently, we are able to save our customers many thousands of pounds.


For only £45  per property we give a full analysis of the potential paybacks at your site. The report is delivered by email within four working days. All you need to do is fill in the data form online  and click to pay.

Wind Resource and Energy Assessment

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